Friday, September 6, 2013

Chapter 5. A caveman kiss

I was nervous. My hands were shaking.  I sat in his car as he drove down a busy downtown street. Our dinner was a big success. He was interested in me. The way his eyes lingered over me proved it. He was attracted to me.

We didn't speak on our way to my place. He was deep in his thoughts. I was glad. Lying about everything was exhausting. And this way he wouldn't notice my shaking hands or fast breathing.

He parked near my apartment.

"I had a great night." I finally said and looked at him with a small smile.

"Yeah? Me too." He said and smiled back.

I quickly turned to open the door. I hadn't plan this properly. I had left out my nerves. I stepped out and heard that he opened his door too.

"I could've gotten that," he said as he came to me and closed my door.  There we stood. I felt awkward. I hope he didn't notice that. I was getting upset. I was such a sissy.

"I am on a mission here, you idiot!" Hissed at myself on my mind.

He looked amused as he stared at me intensively.

"You are hard to read, you know. I have no idea what's going on in your mind."

What a relief!

"Well..." I said. I was gaining my confidence back. "I can show you what's on my mind." I got on my toes and kissed his cheek slowly. Damn he was tall.

He chuckled.

"There are couple other things too." I whispered and looked at him playfully. He leaned closer and put his hands against his car in a way that I was between his arms. I leaned against his car too.

"Is that right?" He asked. He was very close to me. He was playing too.


 If he wanted to kiss me he had to make the move. I was just going to stand there and tease him. He leaned closer. I could feel his breath on my neck and face. His lips nearly touched mine. I turned my head just a little bit.

"I'm not that easy."

He laughed but didn't move away.

"You know what I think?" he murmured into my ear.


"I think..." he kissed my neck. " are teasing me."

"You think so?" I said and let him keep kissing my neck.

"I know so." He said with a low silent voice.

"I think you're right. I like teasing you" I'm not going to lie: my whole body was on fire.

He kissed me. It was a kiss that said: "I'm going to kiss you now, woman. " It was a very authoritative kiss and there was no power in the world that could've made me push him away. He wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled my lower body against his and pushed my upper body tighter against his car. Then he moved his other hand behind my neck. He kept kissing me. I didn't make him stop.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chapter 4. I just inject myself into his veins

"Thank you SO much." I said and smiled at him.

"No problem." was all he said and he turned back to his friends.

Damn. I had to get his attention. I softly touched his back to make him turn back. I tried to imitate my sister's, Ali's, smile. I called it "a make every man in the room think your hotttt" smile.

"My battery just died. Is it possible to borrow yours for a sec? I just have to call my friend." I had a perfect innocent tone of voice.

"Yeah sure. Here" He gave me his Nokia.

"Thanks." I dialed a random number so he could see that I was actually calling someone. Some dude named Owen with British accent answered.

"Hey Owen! Where are you? I've been waiting for you." Of course Owen had no idea who he was speaking with.

"What? Seriously?" I tried to look shocked.

"Of course I understand. Don't worry about it... I mean it, just take it easy and stay in bed... Alright... bye Owen."

I gave the phone back and sighed.

"Something wrong?" he asked when he noticed my concern.

"My date's not coming. He's not feeling well." I said trying to sound disappointed. I noticed how he was secretly checking me out.

"Finally he noticed me." I thought trying to hide my malicious smile.

"But thank you so much for making that idiot to leave me alone. Can I buy you drink?"

He wasn't just checking me out; he was staring at me. Like he was searching something. Oh no! Did he recognize me as Ali's sister. No he couldn't have. We've never met before and especially now with my dark hair, I didn't look anything like Ali.

I stared right back and for a second he looked a bit embarrassed. He shrugged.

"Um... I'm driving so i can't drink," he said.
"Just a soda then?" I suggested. I didn't give him a chance to say anything because I quickly asked the bartender to come to us.
"I'll have a club soda, and this guy here wants..." I looked at him with an inquiring expression.

"Just Coke please."

"I'm Cora, by the way," I said and gave my hand for him to shake.

"Jonathan." He said.

"Nice to meet you Jonathan." i said and smiled. I don't think I've ever smiled as much as I did that night. But i had to. Ali smiles A LOT. I think she was born smiling. And he had fallen for Ali, so he must like smiley girls.

"So Jonathan, what do you do for living?" I asked.

"I play hockey." he answered.

I was wondering why he didn't mention his status as an NHL superstar.

"Are you good?"

He looked amused.

"I'm okay. And what about you Cora, what do you do for living?"

This was the part I had practiced in front of the mirror. Ali had mentioned to him that I lived in Perhentian Island because scuba diving was my passion.

"I'm a freelance writer." That wasn't a complete lie so it came out naturally. I had written couple of article to airline magazines.

"What do you write about?" He asked genuinely interested.

"About everything. From traveling to climate change."

"Cool. I like your name. Cora. It's not that common." he said and looked straight into my eyes.

My my, he was flirting.

"My real name is Coraline. Mom wanted to name me Caroline but my dad wanted me to be Nora. I guess it's a compromise."

To be honest, it wasn't my real name. It was my middle name. Annie Coraline Wallen.
I was surprised how easy ti was to lie.

He asked a lot about me. I was a bit worried. I hadn't thought that he would be that interested in small details. But the night was a success because he asked my number.

And when I got back home, he texted me:

It was really nice to meet you.
Would you like to have dinner with me
on friday?

"Oh Johnny-boy, you're gonna be in trouble." I whispered and texted him back.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chapter 3. My luck

Normally I hated night clubs, bars and every other place with drunk people. But that night everything was perfect. Bright blue and green lights filled the club and music was unbelievable loud. And what made that night so perfect was the fact that he was here. Finally I was in the same place with him. Who? Well, the jerk of course.

"Hey babe, dance with me?" a guy, who was the last person I was interested in, asked.

I just shook my head. He looked disappointed but I was on a mission. I didn't have time to talk with annoying drunk guys. I just had one guy on my mind. And this guy seemed to be sober. Now it was my turn to be disappointed. I had thought that he would have been drinking. But there seemed to be only a class of coke in his hands. His friends, on the other hand, had emptied quite many bottles of expensive champagne. He seemed to look at his friends with a amused smile on his lips. I decided it was time to leave the dance floor.

"Oh come on honey. Just one dance." the annoying guy begged.

I ignored him. And mentally prepared myself to walk seductively but naturally at the same time. I'm not sure did he notice me, but I walk just couple feet away from him. I sat on a high bar stool and with a small finger movement I asked the bartender to come to take my order.

"One Appletini, please."

With a quick glance I realized, he didn't pay any attention to me, I got my drink and took a zip. He was sitting at the bar counter just like me, but he was facing the dance floor.

"You must at least let my buy you a drink." I heard that annoying guy's voice next to me.

"You really don't have to." I said icily. He didn't seem to notice my pissed off tone of voice.

"Babe, it would be my..." he started to say motioning with his hands when he accidently hit my drink. The class slipped off my hand and before I could do anything the green cocktail was all over my new dress. Unbelievable! I was so angry that all I could do was to stare at him with fury.

"Um... I'm sor... sorry." He mumbled and looked embarrassed. To make things even worse he tried to get it off with a napkin. Was he seriously touching me breasts.

"Get your hands off me!" I hissed. Apparently he couldn't hear because of the music. And he just continued.

I was surprised when I heard a voice behind this sad excuse of a man.

"Hey dude, just leave."

We both turned around. The annoying drunk guy looked first angry because of this interruption, but quickly his facial expression changed. He raised his hands as surrender.

"I just tried to..."

"Yeah. Go!." he said.

My luck definitely was changing. The green stain was so worth this.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chapter 2. My Brilliant Plan

It didn't take long for me to realize that something needed to be done. He needed to handle the consequences of his selfish actions. And I wanted him to feel pain, just like my little sister.

Revenge, yes. But how? I didn't want to end up in jail, so I couldn't kill him. I'm just kidding. I'm not a psycho, just really really really mad. The plan, that I now call brilliant, started to form in my mind slowly. It first crossed my mind when I was brushing my teeth. I realized that me and my sister shared on thing: we had big chocolate brown eyes. I had never before thought that we resembled each other. She was a true beauty. Blond, stylish and very feminine. I, on the other hand, was a tomboy. My hair color was not easy to describe, it was between grey and light brown and I always wore always a pony tail. I didn't wear make up and "a dress" was a swear word for me. I always wore jeans and T-shirts. But looking at my self in the mirror, with a toothbrush in my hand, I had a strange HEUREKA! experience. I was pretty. And if I'd put some effort to it, I might even be beautiful. And why this realization was so important is because it became the corner stone of my plan.

I was going to do something I've never done before. I was going to use my looks to gain something. It is universally known fact that every straight man likes good looking women. And judging by the fact that he fell (momentarily) for my sister, the jerk must like them too.

The transformation from pretty to beautiful took a lot of money. I chose the best hair salon to do my hair. They dyed my hair dark brown with reddish highlights. And after the cosmetologist had told the price of my skin treatment and quick make up instruction, I nearly fainted. Holy Mother, this beauty thing was expensive. But it was so worth the cost. My parents didn't recognize me at first. Then my mother retorted that I looked like Julia Roberts with a smaller mouth.

The jerk hunt was on!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chapter 1. A Good Girl

I am a good girl. I was raised that way to respect other people and be polite. But sometimes a certain line is crossed and a good girl can turn into a naughty girl. And in my case into a mean girl.

The line was crossed couple months ago when my little sister, who is like other half of me, got betrayed. I was still in Perhentian Island in Malaysia, because I was working there as scuba instructor so I couldn't prevent it. My mother sent my emails telling how my sister wasn't herself or how she didn't eat anymore. Knowing that my sister needed me now more than ever, I packed my bags, well my huge backpack, and left my paradise home 4 months earlier than I had planned.

Coming home was a shock. My sister used to be a bubbly and outgoing person. Now she was only a shadow of her former self. And when I tried to ask what had happened, she didn't want to talk about it. Well I knew it was about that man she had dated. He was the love of her life as she had written me in one of her emails, when all was good. He was everything she ever wanted.

I was sure he had cheated on her. That's what professional athletes do. They think they can do anything because of the money and fame. There would always be a line of women wanting to jump into their bed, so what does it matter if they brake up with their girlfriends.

Every time I saw his face on ESPN, I felt how my blood started to boil. How could he do this to my baby sister. She was the most amazing girl in the world. She was sweet, beautiful and smart. He was a jerk.